Avoiding Sexual Saturation of Couples Who Are Long Married

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Avoiding Sexual Saturation of Couples Who Are Long Married - Fiery sex is often considered to belong only to a newlywed couple. The increasing age of marriage, sex is often regarded as a routine that eventually causes boredom. Couples in this modern era both have solid activities.

So busy, we unconsciously subordinate the relationship in bed. In fact, some women consider sex only as a routine.

Energy that runs out after a day of activity also makes many couples choose the same style of love. No wonder if there is a decrease in arousal.

"This is very dangerous because emotional bonding with partners is very important. We should be able to increase passion and maintain relationships not only at the beginning of the marriage, but throughout the age," said psychologist Ajeng Raviando, MPsi in a talk show "Wife Resik Harmonic Marriage" in Jakarta, Monday (7/5).

Ajeng said, sex is not just a physical matter. "There is touch, caress, and intimacy. This is a very crucial thing in marriage," he said. According to him, openness and communication with partners must always be maintained, including in expressing our desires and needs for sex.

"Of course in expressing something better with positive affirmations so that no one is offended," suggested Ajeng.

Presenter Soraya Larasati said that intimacy in the household must be formed. "Intimate relationships in my opinion are strongly related to household harmony.

Husbands and wives without intimate relationships are like pen pals over time, "said the woman who has been married for six years. Soraya admitted that she always tried to pay attention to her husband even though they seemed trivial. One of them was by maintaining personal appearance and cleanliness.

"Including the cleanliness of intimate organs, if we cannot maintain, how do husbands want to be interested," said the mother of two children. According to the senior brand manager of PT. Kino Indonesia, Yuna Eka Kristina, bad odor is one of the causes of a woman's decreased confidence during intercourse.

"Understanding the busyness of women today, Kino released the product Resik V Godokan Sirih which is practically used to protect the feminine area, especially during menstruation and when the feminine area is moist," said Yuna. He mentioned, the temptation of betel is a natural antiseptic that has been used for generations.

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