Jokowi Companion According to Fengshui

Posted by Little-PM - Interim results of the legislative elections, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle put in the first place by winning 19.3 percent of the vote, ensuring Joko Widodo (Jokowi) advanced to compete in the presidential elections next July.

Then who Jokowi companion? Jokowi said he was not concerned about age, profession, and civil-military dichotomy. "The important thing is to work with, it works fast," said Jokowi, Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Feng Shui expert and graphology Indonesia, Ferry Wong, try to analyze Jokowi of the other party.

Previously, the Jakarta gubernatorial election of 2013, Ferry analyze Jokowi-Basuki Purnama Tjahaja alias Ahok and said both complementary and reinforcing.

1. Jokowi-Kalla 
Kalla name is often referred to as the ideal partner Jokowi. Said former Vice President of the character is considered to offset Jokowi polite. From the analysis of Feng Shui, Jusuf Kalla, who always wanted to personally reflect surrounded by many people. One who can be the leader that many highlighted.

The same analysis with Jokowi. Jokowi had personal can not be alone. Jokowi assessed can lead and always act impartially.

2. Jokowi Bakrie 
Golkar Party Chairman, Bakrie (Ical) has stated his desire to make Jokowi as a candidate for vice president with him later. According to Ferry, the two do not fit as a mate. Duet Jokowi-Ical tend to produce emotional energy.

3. Jokowi-Prabowo 
Former Kopassus commander shows a clear military character, authoritative, and hard. His character is much different from the character Jokowi far from a military character, although he is also firm, hard-working, agile, and quick decision-making. From the point of Feng Shui, the duo Jokowi-Prabowo tend to produce large energy and emotional nature. "There will be a push-pull political interests," said Ferry.

Jokowi and Prabowo equally born of the metallic element. Metal is hard and always fast to the establishment. Even so, this pair can also bring goodness, pleasure, harmony, and safety. In order to work together for the betterment of Indonesia, according to Ferry, the two should be mutually budge.

4. Jokowi-Hatta Rajasa 
Jokowi and personal Hatta is equally surrounded by a lot of people have always wanted. Both tend to not be alone. From these similarities, both are rated to work together in running the government. Ferry assess both are likely to produce goodness. Both to beat each other to the benefit of the country.

According to Ferry, Jokowi-Hatta duet together analysis with Jokowi-JK. Jokowi-Hatta born of water and metal elements that are to help each other and complement each other. Jokowi which has properties that rise, fast-acting face all the problems will be the support of Hatta filled with accuracy and variety of considerations.

5. Jokowi-Mahfud Md. 
Jokowi and Mahfud considered able to create a strong government and serious. Both are considered to have a match to lead the nation. Ferry said the two couples will be able to co-exist in the Indonesian lead. "Both are fit and wiser," said Ferry.

From the point of Feng Shui, Jokowi reflect a calm personality and is always surrounded by a lot of people. While Mahfud Md.,. described as a simple personal emotions and can not be silent. So that would be offset Jokowi Mahfud. However, they can also weaken each other, seeing both born of metal and fire elements that can beat each other as well as strengthen. "Depending on the circumstances of political interests."

6. Jokowi-Dahlan Iskan
Jokowi-Dahlan an ambitious figure. If both pairs in the 2014 elections, the duo will create a government in the interests of the spirit as well as ambitious. Jokowi-Dahlan enough when paired. "Will the government be able to create a strong and ambitious," said Ferry. From the point of Feng Shui, Jokowi is a figure who can be a leader, well-mannered disposition makes it able to welcome many people.

It then makes Jokowi as many leaders got much highlighted. While Dahlan, reflecting personal succumb to bounce back easily. Dahlan Iskan assessed a figure that does not take sides. Even so, this duo still need to work hard to equate opinions. Seeing both are born of hard metallic element.

7. Jokowi-Gita Wirjawan 
Jokowi born with elements of metal, will not be assessed in line with the Gita Wirjawan born with wooden elements. Both will be mutually weaken each other.

If Jokowi paired with Gita Wirjawan, they will create a rigid leadership. "They will tend to be rigid in their thinking and communication, political views," said Ferry. The condition of this pair will depend on the condition of political interests. "Both could weaken and reinforce each other." (Tempo)

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