26 Article Directories and Free Content Sites Ranked by Alexa and PageRank

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Little-PM.blogspot.com - In case you're attempting to distribute a normal email pamphlet for your clients, I have uplifting news. There's an abundance of substance out there that you can use for nothing — poor, normal, great, and once in a while fabulous. Why is this substance offered for nothing out of pocket? Two reasons:

[1] Article indexes can win income from Google advertisements set on their site as a component of the Google AdSense program (www.google.com/adsense). This has animated the development of a large number of carbon copy article locales that get almost no activity. Others are corner destinations that convey articles specifically vertical classes;

[2] Sites can be advanced viably through articles. A connection to the writer's site contained in every free article serves to: (a) bring focused on movement through a very much composed, charming "mark" or writer bio at the base of the article and (b) raise Google PageRank by making additionally approaching connections to a site. These connections point to the writer's site from the article's vicinity both on the article destinations and on the sites that utilization the free articles.

If you’re a marketer, I can hear your brain beginning to compute wildly:

1000 article sites X 1 link to my site X 15 articles submitted = 15,000 links to my site

In addition, article accommodation instruments make article spamming to a great degree simple. Hang tight, it isn't so much that basic. Presenting your article to hundreds or a huge number of article destinations can really hurt you, since Google insects are finely tuned to spot spam in its numerous flavors. You're vastly improved off to present your article to five of your most loved article destinations and two or three specialty locales, and oppose the allurement to impact your article to each lamentable article site on the planet.

To offer you some assistance with seeing which locales you should seriously think about submitting to, I've recorded beneath the main 25 article registry destinations by their Google PageRank (10 being high) and Alexa activity rank (1 being high). A disclaimer: The Alexa rankings are defective and appear to be unstable, however give a relative measure of activity to a site. Google PageRank (PR) is famously off base, however can be seen as a marker of Google's relative trust in a site — kind of. The rundown is not comprehensive and incorporates both general article registries and some prevalent corner indexes with an Alexa rank of under 50,000. Locales are recorded in climbing Alexa rank request, with the PR 6+ destinations flagrant for your benefit.
  1. SearchWarp.com
  2. ArticlesFactory.com
  3. ExcellentGuide.com/article
  4. ContentDesk.com
  5. ArticleCube.com
  6. AfroArticles.com
  7. ArticleBiz.com
  8. ArticleAlley.com
  9. Web-Source.net
  10. ArticleCity.com
  11. IdeaMarketers.com
  12. EzineArticles.com
  13. GoArticles.com
  14. ArticleDashboard.com
  15. SelfSEO.com
  16. Amazines.com
  17. ArticleTrader.com
  18. SearchGuild.com
  19. WebWorldIndex.com
  20. ArticleSphere.com
  21. Buzzle.com
  22. BusinessKnowHow.com
  23. PromotionWorld.com
  24. ArticlesBase.com
  25. iSnare.com 
  26. SelfGrowth.com

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