Islamic Mass-based Political Party Overturning Survey

Posted by Little-PM - Throughout 2013 to the last moment before the 2014 legislative elections in Indonesia, a variety of surveys and observers expect political parties based Muslim masses will no longer get a significant voice.

However, a variety of quick count results , either a quick count and the exit polls, Wednesday (09/04/2014), driving all the estimates.

Of five Muslim-based political parties who participated in the 2014 election, only the Crescent Star Party (PBB ), which proved to be dropped based on the calculation of sound acquisition while the results of the legislative elections.

The rest ? Soared above 6 percent range , including parties that got beat negative news such as the United Development Party ( PPP ) and the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ).

Five Muslim-based parties who participated in the 2014 election was the National Awakening Party / PKB ( number 2 ), MCC ( 3 ), the National Mandate Party / PAN ( 8 ), PPP ( 9 ), and UN ( 14 ).

2014 election included 12 political parties at the national level and the 3 political parties in Aceh, with two national political parties have a serial number after local parties in Aceh. (Kompas)

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