Berkshire Residence, Dallas, Texas

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Berkshire Residence, Dallas, Texas - This spot in a classic single-family neighborhood, large grownup trees in the foreground, and a busy thoroughfare at the rear—shaped the ultimate style and design of the house.

The U-shaped program turns its back on the noisy thoroughfare and also opens to a terrace that is a little shaded by the readily available canopy of trees. The bulk of the house guards and protects the yards from traffic noise beyond.

The court-yard is the thoughts and soul of the house generally with of the rooms on the ground level opening straightly onto it.

The access sequence starts with a broken pathway popular past a tall, sentinel-like stucco wall to the front section gateway of teak set into translucent glass sidelights. Beyond this house idea the entrance, a wrapped walkway provides room for views of the terrace and the locations that surround it and leads to a gallery that opens to a display of outdoor sculpture.

Finally from the main living space adjacent to the entry gallery, an axial perspective of the courtyard is revealed and the entire style becomes apparent.

Massive sliding doors from the living room and sliding pocket doors from the master suite make it easy for the indoor and outdoor locations to become one and give flexible arrangements for regularly living and entertaining.

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