5 Benefits of Naked Sleep

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5 Benefits of Naked Sleep - Sleeping naked can bring good benefits to the body. In addition, all explanations of this suggestion are based on scientific reasons. The page 360nobs summarizes the five main advantages that can be felt by getting used to sleeping without clothes.

1. Helps sexual life

Not many things can replace the pleasure of sleeping with someone we love, while feeling the skin stick to our body. Skin to skin contact for lovers makes the body release endorphins, a type of oxytocin, which is also known as a hugging hormone. This situation will push us into a deeper sex mood.

2. Lose weight

The body has two types of fat, namely white and brown. Brown fat collects heat and can help burn calories when asleep. Another study, published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, states that a cooler bedroom encourages 30 percent greater calorie burning.

3. Health of intimate organs

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles revealed, sleeping at night wearing only underwear - for example tight underwear, will trigger the emergence of a breeding ground for bacteria. On the other hand, for women, sleeping naked allows the vagina to breathe and get "fresh air". This condition also inhibits the emergence of bad bacteria and reduces unbalanced conditions in the intimate organs.

4. Good for sperm

While for men, naked sleep can increase sperm productivity. This is a good choice for couples who are craving for the presence of a baby. A study in Finland revealed, when the air around the penis warms, the quality of sperm will be disturbed. Furthermore, the researchers believe sleeping with clothes increases the likelihood of abrasions, irritations, or bacterial infections in the intimate organs.

5. Sleep quality

There are a number of studies that prove, people who are more comfortable sleeping in a location that is cold rather than hot. When body temperature decreases when we fall asleep, the level of the kartisol hormone decreases, while melatonin levels increase. This reason also answers why when we are overheated, anxious feelings appear to be difficult to sleep.

Wearing pajamas or other sleepwear before sleeping under a thick blanket will result in a decrease in the body's natural temperature, so that we are not sleepy.

However, it should not also fall asleep in a room that is too cold. Even too cold makes it difficult for us to sleep well.

Although there is no temperature called perfect for deep sleep, scientists recommend sleeping at temperatures around 25-35 degrees Celsius.

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