This is Making Love Position of Premature Ejaculation

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This is Making Love Position of Premature Ejaculation - Your guy 'comes out' too quickly is irritating, but the following sex positions can help overcome this ejaculation. So that your mother and man can both get satisfaction.

Premature ejaculation is often a problem in your wife's male relationship, because when you don't get satisfaction, your man is unable to meet the wife's "needs." Therefore, various methods are taken to overcome this premature ejaculation.

In addition to using drugs and therapy, good sex positions can also be done to overcome premature ejaculation. So, your man must help Mother achieve satisfaction first, so that you both get satisfaction.

Sex position to overcome premature ejaculation

1. Oral sex

Oral sex can be an option if your man has premature ejaculation problems. He can help his wife reach orgasm first, so that later you will not be disappointed when your man "comes out" faster.

2. Your man kneels behind his wife

With this position, penetration will not be too deep, and the sensation felt is not too intense. Link your wife's legs to your man's hip, then adjust the rhythm of the movement to your liking.

3. Bend and press

Bend your knees and raise your hips, place both feet on your man's chest. Let your man penetrate. If your man feels too fast, you can hold his movements with both feet. So that premature ejaculation can be avoided. Your wife can also give extra stimulation to the clitoris with your free hand.

4. Crash from the side

The wife lies on her back with one leg bent. Your man straddles the bent leg of Mother, and penetrates this position. Mother can set the penetration level by adjusting how wide the legs are stretched.

5. Sex while standing lifting one leg

Sex while standing might be a bit difficult, but if you like the challenge this position can be tried. And because your man is fully concentrated so as not to fall, he can last longer.

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