You Must Be An Artist

Posted by Bima Sakti on Thursday, September 12, 2013

"... Meet this solemn question having a strong, simple ‘I must, ’ then build your life as per this necessity; your whole life, even into its humblest and the majority indifferent hour, must become indicative and witness to this impulse." - Rilke

We tend to be, all of us, meant to generate. We are creat-ures, thus it is evident on the globe around us that as the spider spins a web, the bird builds a nest, humans are possessed of any spiritual and biological mandate to spin and create a world of beauty and operate. The human distinction is the ability to make symbols. Symbolism is the art of investing the globe around us with meaning by expressing the invisible or intangible by way of visible or sensuous representation. This is the simplest, the least unsettling definition of art and creativity. With this definition, we have come to trust and to thoroughly accept devoid of question that art belongs to people who paint the paintings, write the words, and mold the clay, into those representations from the intangible and the invisible. Art has therefore been divided into people who do and those who don’t.
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