Stroke can attack all ages, recognize the symptoms

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Stroke can attack all ages, recognize the symptoms - Stroke is one of the diseases that risk life. Before this disease attacks us or our closest relatives, it's good to recognize the symptoms to avoid the risk of death.

According to Dr. Alsyahrin Manggala Putra Syarif, Head of Emergency for Siloam Buton Hospital, Southeast Sulawesi, when a person shows early symptoms of Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or a mild stroke, it should be treated immediately to avoid the risk of disability until death.

Mild strokes are usually characterized by a smiling smile, weak or paralyzed leg and hand movements, pelo sounds (slurred) or speech difficulties, numbness or weakness throughout the body and around the mouth, sudden double vision in one eye, disturbed balance, decreased consciousness, vomiting, and headaches.

"Well, if there are these symptoms and have accumulated, we hope that family members will immediately contact our call center service, because every second is very valuable to the nerves," Alsyahrin said on Saturday (01/09/2018).

Neurosurgeon Specialist Siloam Hospital Buton, Dr. La Ode Muh Fatahillah added, stroke is actually not only attacking the elderly. Those who are young and have an unhealthy lifestyle are also susceptible to this disease.

The unhealthy and irregular lifestyle meant by Fatahillah included smoking, staying up late, drinking alcohol, and never exercising.

"Prevention of disease (stroke) can be done by (undergoing) a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy and balanced food, exercising regularly or doing physical activities, reducing consumption of red meat, regularly checking blood pressure, blood sugar, and gout," he explained.

To avoid a stroke, you should always routinely maintain a healthy life with frequent exercise and medical check-ups to hospitals or health centers.

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