OPPO N1 First Rotating Camera Smartphone

Posted by Bima Sakti on Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rotating a unique design concepts, now hosted by Oppo N1 to the smartphone. And in your hand is probably the most top front camera to date, together with the primacy of the main camera, and even over the top. The camera rotates 206 degrees on the X axis, can be operated at any angle. Self portraits, without having to worry about point of view, any way, it's great!

The camera is ideal in our opinion of the picture you see, genuine and natural generated in the photo. PI technology was born for this function. PI when pronounced with the English language with a mysterious icon pi and unlimited, or a technological revolution of the camera optics.

Oppo N1 uses stacked 13MP CMOS sensor for camera, equipped with a large aperture of F2.0 that is able to absorb more light. The first Android smartphone that uses optical lenses with 6 layers, adjusting the balance for a large aperture in order to get results that do not deviate images, remove noise excessive light, the results of leading-edge resolution reach 2300 LLPH. With technical double AR coating can improve the light ketembusan from 90% to 98%. This is a camera that can produce a detailed view of the superior and natural picture.

A photo of a nice, definitely superior because it supported software. We specifically designed the chip ISP to N1, an increase in the overall calculation, and brought the "Triple A" new: very natural White Balance (AWB), Auto-Exposure is very precise (AE) and Auto-Focus is very fast (AF). Necessary repairs are very complicated process, but the results are very clear improvement!

Thanks to the support of a superior platform, Oppo N1 accompanied with slow shutter mode, long exposure to the pinning feature in smartphones, the longest period of exposure to 8 seconds! This can provide creative inspiration to you. Sometimes beautiful moments are not just a flash, let the light, move the color!

Oppo N1 berinovatif using body line design concept, the whole body posture surrounded by two lines, every corner, visible line structure the same and not excessive, simple and smooth. Lines and sides, winding in every corner, rounded but remained upright, a simple and elegant design.

New technologies in the Oppo N1 by making nanoscale materials and component framework integrated core to the molecular level, so the resistant and sturdy.
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A Picture of Perfection

Posted by Bima Sakti on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Never assist children or animals... easier said than done if you're a parent. Over the last few years We have tried many times to get the perfect photograph.

With one baby, trial and error often ends up with an image you are happy with. And with the advent on the digital camera, dud photos undoubtedly are a thing of the past. However, with three children, I've finally realised it's not possible to get the perfect picture, even with the assistance of a professional photographer!

I recently enlisted the assistance of such a man for the particular all-important christening photos. All decked out and looking the picture regarding perfection, my husband and I triggered with our adorable little troop for the studio!

Upon arrival our eldest removed upstairs with his eldest, our own middle one trailing behind.
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You Must Be An Artist

Posted by Bima Sakti on Thursday, September 12, 2013

"... Meet this solemn question having a strong, simple ‘I must, ’ then build your life as per this necessity; your whole life, even into its humblest and the majority indifferent hour, must become indicative and witness to this impulse." - Rilke

We tend to be, all of us, meant to generate. We are creat-ures, thus it is evident on the globe around us that as the spider spins a web, the bird builds a nest, humans are possessed of any spiritual and biological mandate to spin and create a world of beauty and operate. The human distinction is the ability to make symbols. Symbolism is the art of investing the globe around us with meaning by expressing the invisible or intangible by way of visible or sensuous representation. This is the simplest, the least unsettling definition of art and creativity. With this definition, we have come to trust and to thoroughly accept devoid of question that art belongs to people who paint the paintings, write the words, and mold the clay, into those representations from the intangible and the invisible. Art has therefore been divided into people who do and those who don’t.
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